Accredited Practitioner Certification in the Indirect Conversational Hypnosis Techniques of Ericksonian Hypnotherapy.

Ericksonian Hypnosis is indirect and conversational so allows you to employ highly effective hypnotic techniques conversationally and with compassion as part of your therapy or care work without any of the traditional drama and theatrics of the more direct authoritarian approach to hypnosis. With the indirect approach emphasis is placed on the client or patient’s ability to experience hypnosis for themselves with the therapist’s guidance. We believe this is a respectful approach to hypnosis as it reduces the client’s dependence on the therapist and empowers the patient rather than dis-empowering them.

Who created Ericksonian Hypnosis?

Ericksonian Hypnosis is named after Stephen Brooks’ mentor American Psychiatrist Milton H Erickson. Back in the 1970′s Erickson was relatively unknown, but Stephen Brooks was already studying his approach. Erickson subsequently became the most influential therapist in the field of hypnosis and Stephen Brooks became a leading expert on Erickson’s approach. Brooks was the first person to introduce Ericksonian Hypnosis into Europe and he subsequently developed in a new way from how Erickson used it Erickson’s model was based on a view of how people should live in post war America in the 1940′s and 50′s. Brooks decided that this model was no longer appropriate and so integrated Erickson’s techniques and hypnotic principles with a more humanistic, spiritual and non-prescriptive approach to therapy.

Stephen Brooks’ Approach

Brooks kept the techniques and skills of Erickson’s work such as indirect suggestion, naturalistic trance techniques, hypnotic metaphor, pattern intervention, conversational hypnosis techniques and unconscious communication and embedded this within a therapeutic framework based on compassion and healing at the cellular level. Brooks’ innovative approach to hypnosis has become an effective and successful method for treating patients and clients. British Hypnosis Research has been promoting and teaching his work for over 30 years. Any kind of skill based clinical training requires considerable integrity, a respect for ethics and highly refined skills and we like to think that we have been able to achieve these over the years. On our courses, we teach mainly by demonstration, so every hypnosis or therapy technique is broken down and explained in detail as we demonstrate hypnosis and hypnotherapy, often with actual clients and patients. Stephen Brooks has been designing and teaching his courses for over 25 years while continually updating and introducing new research and ideas into his work. Likewise he is has become an innovator himself having introduced new therapy techniques, skills and principles into this continually evolving field.

British Hypnosis Research

We are one of the oldest hypnosis training institutes in the world and by building on a solid foundation of Ericksonian Hypnosis and continually updating and refining our courses we think we have got it right. British Hypnosis Research has specialized in teaching Erickson’s approach exclusively since 1984 and we have so far taught courses in over 20 hospitals and universities in the UK and internationally in France, Canada, Singapore, Spain, Belgium, Luxembourg, India, USA, Thailand, Ireland, and Japan. This course represents the best of everything that Erickson was, combined with the best of everything that Stephen Brooks is, and is
taught in an innovative and dynamic way that adds so much more to what is now possible with hypnotherapy.

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Stephen Brooks Hypnotherapy Training